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Old Amish Remedy

Joke of the Day Posted on | March 24, 2011 | No Comments

A man breaks down in the middle of Pennsylvania Dutch country on a cold January day. After a few minutes an Amish man in a horse-pulled buggy pulls up and asks if he needs a ride into town. The man accepts and climbs up into the buggy.

After a few miles, the Amish man stands up and leans forward. He lifts the horses tail, rubs its ass with his finger and then rubs all around his own mouth.

The passenger is both amazed and revolted at what he’s just witnessed but decides to remain quiet.

This happens twice more during the trip to town. Each time the Amish man rubs his finger over the horse’s sweaty ass and then rubs around his own mouth.

By the time they reach town, the guy’s curiosity gets the better of him and he asks the Amish man to explain what’s been going on.

“I have chapped lips”, the Amish man replied.

“Oh I see” said the man, “Is that an old Amish remedy?”

“No, but it sure keeps you from licking your lips!!”


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