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The Ranger

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A Indian was traveling back to his home when he came upon a small house on a big ranch. After the usual greetings and a bit of tobacco smoking on the porch, the Indian asked the Rancher, “Is that your dog?”

The Rancher replied, “Yup.”

“Mind if I talk to him?” asked the Indian.

“Don’t you know dogs don’t talk?” laughed the Rancher.

The Indian replied, “So what’s the harm? May I?”

“Go right ahead,” said the Rancher, shaking his head.

The Indian said to the dog, “Howdy!” The dog replied,”Hello.”

The Rancher almost fell off his chair. The Indian continued, “Is this your master?”

“Yep, he sure is.”

“Does he treat you alright?”

“Sure does. Every day he takes me for a walk, he feeds me all kinds of great food, and once a week he takes me to the lake to play.”

The Rancher was amazed.

The Indian said to the Rancher, “Is that your horse over there?”


“Do you mind if I talk to him?

The Rancher replied, “I know the dog spoke to you, but I know for a fact that horses can’t talk.”

“Well, then what would it hurt?”

“Go right ahead.

The Indian said to the horse, “Hello.”

The horse replied, “Hello.” The Rancher stood there with his jaw wide open.

The Indian asked, “Is that your owner?”

“Yup, sure is.”

“He treat you okay?”

“Sure, he rides me every day, brushes me down at the end of the day, and he keeps me in the barn out of the bad weather.”

“Sounds good.”

The Indian then asked the Rancher, “Are those your sheep over there?”

The Rancher stammers, “Them sheep out there, they’re nothing but a bunch of damn liars!”


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