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Joke of the Day Posted on | September 29, 2008 | No Comments

A man walked into a computer info sending and receiving center and said, “I want to send my mom the perfect Mother’s Day gift message. I want to send a message that will let her know just what kind of love and appreciation I have for her.”

The clerk said, “Nice idea; do you have something specific in mind or would you like one of the associates to help you write a special message?”

“Oh no, after all those years of taking care of me, all the advice and help she’s given me since I’ve been out on my own, never a week going by without her telling me just how to deal with every situation I’ve ever had to face, I know the perfect gift to tell her just how I feel about her, and I’d like to make sure it is sent to all five of her business computers, as well as her personal home computer and her laptop.”

“We can surely help you with that,” the clerk replied. “What is the message you’d like to send?”

“The I Love You Virus!”


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