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Mr. Jones, Your Barracks Door Is Open!

Joke of the Day Posted on | April 21, 2008 | No Comments

Mr. Jones had recently gotten himself a new secretary, and he called her into his office to transcribe a letter for him. When she walked into the room she noticed his fly was open, but rather than mention it to him then and embarrass him, she waited until she was leaving. Then, as she walked by, she said, “Mr. Jones, your barracks door is open.” He was a bit suprised and confused, but finally got it when he realized his zipper was open.

Later on, he decided to play a little trick on his secretary, so he called her in and asked her if when she saw his barraacks door open, did she also notice a proud soldier standing at attention? Being a witty woman, she replied, “No, sir, all I saw was an old, disabled veteran sitting on two duffle bags.”


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