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Telephone Lineman

Joke of the Day Posted on | December 31, 2007 | 1 Comment

The telephone lineman had been out drinking the night before, and the next day he went to work not feeling too good.

He climbed to the top of the first pole and as he took his pliers out to repair the wire he dropped them. He had to climb all the way down to retrieve them. As he got to the bottom of the pole and was picking up his pliers, a small boy who was standing there said,

“My daddy is a lineman too and he would have had two pair of pliers, so he wouldn’t have to climb down the pole if he dropped one of them”.

The lineman tied to ignore the boy and climbed back up the pole very slowly. About his time he needed a hammer to drive in a large nail. As he was taking it out, it slipped and fell to the ground. Again he had to climb down the pole to retrieve it. So he slowly climbed down the pole and sure enough the little boy was still standing there. He said,

“My daddy is a lineman too and he would have carried two hammers so if he had lost one he wouldn’t have to climb down”.

This irritated the lineman, but he ignored the boy and climbed back up the pole to finish his work. He was no sooner up the pole when he had to go to the bathroom, so down he climbs from the pole and goes over to the bushes to take a leak. As he was relieving himself he saw the little boy watching him through the bushes.

He’d had it with this kid so he says to him,

“I’ll bet your dad doesn’t have two of these, does he?”

The boy replied, “No, but his would make two of yours”.


One Response to “Telephone Lineman”

  1. Anonymous
    March 11th, 2010 @ 10:08

    I love this, so cute and yet only a grown up joke. That is an excellent one, thank you for sharring.

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