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Joke of the Day Posted on | May 25, 2007 | No Comments

True Story

I live alone, one day I tried to vacuum and it didn’t pick up so well – I turned it up side down,(it was an upright type vacuum).All I was wearing was cut off shorts – daze duke type like women wear – with the strings hanging down as they do.

I thought I turn it on from that upright position,to see if everything worked right, using my foot to hit on switch. It turned on, pulling those strings into the beater bar – ALONG WITH MY PENIS!!…It started to really hurt at this point,lost my balance,couldn’t reach the switch…turning pale now, I remembered I talked to my neighbor last so redial her was the plan, I told her “come fast I’m hurt”.

As she was trying to untangle me,she told me to undo my pants, I told her I had no underwear on, but she is a nurse so it wasn’t a concern for her – off they came.

Just as I was about to sit down on chair before I passed out, in the door comes my girlfriend, hears only her voice, and sees me sitting naked on edge of chair!!Needless to say to this day she doesn’t believe me..

This is true..God I wish it wasn’t


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