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Jesus Ceiling Fan

Joke of the Day Posted on | August 9, 2006 | No Comments

A young man called John died and he went to Heaven to begin his afterlife journey. However, he was stopped at the gates by a Priest with wings, wearing glasses. John thought this man looked peculiar.

“My name is St. Peter,” the man said. “You have died and you are at the gates of Heaven.”

John was kind of intrigued by the place, and he turned his head to look around his surroundings, taking in all that his eyes could possibly show him. However, what he saw greatly confused him.

“Why are the so many clocks?” John asked.
“These are the clocks of the people on Earth,” St. Peter said. “Whenever a person told a lie, the clock’s minute hand will move by 5 minutes.”

John saw a clock which stood seemingly still. “Whose clock is that?” He asked.
St. Peter looked up and saw the clock that Peter was pointing to. “That clock belongs to Mother Theresa. She was a kind and honest woman, and she did not tell a lie all her life.”

John was very impressed with what St. Peter had said. Then he saw another clock which moved once. “Whose is that? It moved!” John said excitedly.
“That clock belongs to a singer who’s just told a lie about her relationship with another celebrity,” St, Peter answered accordingly.

John, however, was not satisfied. “Then where is George Bush’s clock?” He asked.
“Oh, that,” St. Peter said, “Jesus is using it as a ceiling fan.”

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