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How to draw an apple?

Joke of the Day Posted on | June 26, 2006 | No Comments

A boy and a girl in a PAP Kindergarden.

The teacher gave the children some homework to do at home, and that was to draw an apple each. (a nice one) The boy was trying to draw one but just can’t get a nice apple. He was so angry with himself for not able to draw properly. So he thought of a way, he strip himself and rub all the water colour onto his buttock , and sat onto the drawing block and true enough a nice apple was printed on the paper.

Now the girl heard the way he did the apple, and she also did the same thing like the boy strip herself paint her buttock and sat on the paper, a nice apple appear.

The next day they passup their drawing for marking, and guess what , the boy get an A , while the girl get a C. The girl was very puzzle , why he get A and her self get C.

So she ask the teacher , teacher, teacher why he get A and I get C, we both did the apple the same way. The teacher say ” Oh,… didn’t you see, his has got a stem”………


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